Yumy Guiness Cake

torsdag 11. november 2010

This cake is a big hit in my family. It is moist, has a ritch chockolately taste and stays fresh for days. 
Try it this weekend, and you are in for a traet. 

Guiness cake

2,5 dl Guiness
250 g unsalted butter
2 eggs
1,5 dl souer cream
400 g sugar
275 g flour
75 g cocoa powder
1 tea spoon vanilla extract
2 tea spoons baking sooda

300 g cream chees
150 g powdered sugar
1,25 dl whipping cream

The base:
  • Preheat the owen til 180 degrees celsius
  • Combine the butter and Guiness in a smal saucepan, heat over medium heat until the butter is melted
  • Add sugar and cocoa powder to the Guiness mix
  • In a seperat bowl, mix the eggs and the souer cream
  • Add the Guiness mix in to the egg mix, whisk it together
  • Add the dry ingridients and the vanilla extract to the bowl.
  • Pour the batter into a greased pan, 24cm in diameter
  • Bake fore about 50-60 minutes
  • Cool completely

  • Mix the cream cheese and powdered sugar until lump free
  • Add  wipping cream and mix until you have reached the consistency you want
  • Froost the cake so it resambles a cool Guiness with thick foam

The recipe is from Nigella Lawson 
The picture is from here

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